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Classic. Versatile. Never-out-of style.

Slip on a sharp-looking navy blue blazer from Hendley’s and shine. 

A staple is defined as something “basic, essential, important to everyday life.”

For the impeccably dressed man, the classic “navy blue blazer” is a staple. It’s the wardrobe essential of Ivy League style. It’s also the mark of casual, everyday elegance.

At Hendley’s we’ve got a classic secondhand navy blazer perfect for you. (And if we don’t have one in stock, we’ll find you one.) Whether made by Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren (or one of the other iconic brands we sell), you won’t believe the meticulous attention to detail, the quality craftsmanship.

A navy blue blazer is the go-to garment for the man of confident style. Find yours now in our ever-changing inventory.