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Maybe like us, you’ve decided, I don’t want to spend a fortune buying new clothes from the top brands! If so, you’ve wondered Is there a trusted source for quality, secondhand menswear? I just want to be a man of confident style. Is that asking so much?


At Hendley’s Emporium, we get it. In 2017, we started finding and selling gently-worn, classic men’s apparel (think brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Turnbull & Asser, etc.). In only three years, we’ve helped thousands of guys like you--from all 50 states and nearly 50 countries--get iconic menswear they’re proud to wear.


Our founder/CEO Ray Despres is a Certified Quality Engineer with an MBA from Yale. (Meaning he knows quality when he sees it.) In his “first career,” Ray spent decades coming up with creative solutions and gaining a reputation as a world-class “scrounger.” Now he uses those skills to lead our team in helping you overcome wardrobe frustrations.

At Hendley’s Emporium, we want to be your trusted source for quality, secondhand menswear. We believe you deserve a wardrobe that turns heads--and makes you feel like a million bucks.

Here's how to get clothes you can't wait to put on:

1. Find your correct size!


Carefully measure your current clothes so you know what will work for you and to avoid the hassle of returns.

2. Fill your cart!


At our prices, get better quality clothing, and more of it!

3. Feel confident!


Look your best in timeless menswear made from the finest materials.

✓ Look Sharp

✓ Turn Heads

✓ Save Money

The “Hendley’s Guarantee”  

  1.  We sell great garments. We painstakingly inspect all clothing (under really bright daylight LEDs). We don’t ignore stains. We’re not okay with mismatched buttons. We don’t overlook wear on lapels or collars. We clean and/or repair every item that needs it, because you deserve nothing less than great garments.
  2. We shoot straight. We’ll never try to pass off diffusion brands and factory outlet goods as “the real deal.” We don’t advertise recent items as “vintage” or items from 2000 as “current.” We’ll always give you all the facts about the items we sell so you can make informed buying decisions.
  3. We like our clothes. In fact, we only sell garments we do like—those made with great style, material, and craftsmanship. We’ll never sell junk or “meh.” (That wouldn’t be fun for you or for us.) We carefully curate our inventory so that it meets the high standards you demand    
  4. We love our customers. We hope you’ll contact us when you have questions, need advice on style, or get a compliment on something you got from us. We love it when our clothing finds good homes, and we hope to serve you for many years.  
  5. We fix mistakes. Sometimes we slip up. After all, we’re only human, and there are dozens of details involved in every transaction. Know that when we screw up, we’ll make things right ASAP. All you have to do is contact us.


Bottom-line: If you’re not satisfied with your Hendley’s purchase—please contact us within 30 days to arrange a return, exchange, or repair—at our cost. We’ll work tirelessly until you are more than satisfied (preferably “ecstatic”) with the items you get from us.


Ray Despres (& the Hendley’s team)

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